What It’s Really Like To Be An Escort

I initially considered escorting as an job option because of the money, I love sex and the hours were flexible. But it did take me three months of reading and researching Prostitute’s information before I was certain it was what I wanted to do.  I wasn’t lucky like you as I had no one to help, talk to who was in or new about sex working.

What really kick started was that i had no idea what i was doing and the first two days. I self learned, learning as i went.  It was the best introduction one could ask for – For you I am here to answer all your questions, helping you get clients, taking your photos, promotions and handling your inquiries and bookings.

What Does Being An Escort Involve?

At first, the double persona and the worry about the amount of texts and/or phone calls is a bit intense to adjust to. But after a bit, I adjusted and managed to breathe more easily.

For me, this meant  I have gotten pretty organised and can do my makeup a lot faster than previously. I find I enjoy my clients more now – I don’t feel so rushed or nervous these days.

I really enjoy being an escort in most cases. I really enjoy the physical contact, the compliments, meeting new clients and spending time with each unique client. The best bookings are when the client is into pleasing me as much as I am into pleasing him/her.

What does it involve? I think most people know what it involves so I’ll tell  you some things I didn’t know were involved before I joined the industry…

A lot of girls offer the Girlfriend Experience but that doesn’t mean you are allowed to kiss the girl. That’s what a girlfriend does doesn’t she? You need to check on that! It depends on the girl.

Age seems to be a huge factor in how many bookings you get.  The younger attracting more business.

Unfortunately, you will be asked weird questions from potential clients and some clients think it’s okay to verbally abuse the working girl.

You can get a booking anytime of the day – including 2am, 4am or some other crazy hour.

There are some crazy acronyms out there but it doesn’t hurt to learn a few relevant to the sex industry.

Misconceptions About Escorting

Common misconceptions about working girls tend to be around judgments of girls and their personal life. I think it depends what town, city and country you are working in.

Another misconception is around working girls are drug or alcohol addicts, single and come from the “wrong side of the track” but my view shows this can’t be further from the truth. Work girls are friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, the girl next door and sometimes not the HOT chick on the bus every night. Working girls are no longer squashed to the outskirts of society and they definitely have legal rights.

I see and hear a lot of working girls standing up for their rights, believing in themselves, and sticking to their own  personal morals whether it means work or no work. This is empowerment and it’s really great to see. Everyone from the working girl beside her to all of her clients benefit from this positive approach to working in the industry and seeing the industry trying to clean itself up.

I think men who book working girls have very little knowledge to how the industry works though. And maybe that is something they don’t want to think about, especially when they have to choose which girl to book 🙂

And that filters into the clients and how they treat and perceive working girls so I think there are less negative misconceptions about working girls and more about the industry where men don’t have much of an idea how the industry works or is run and how that affects the girls on that side of things.

But because we are talking about humans, I think we need to remember, this is my experience to date, my perception. And others have different experiences and perceptions so we need to keep talking.


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