Ways To Enjoy Benidorm or anywere With The Ideal Companion

Companionship fulfils a multitude of social and intimate needs. It can be a way to find a missing spark or passion that is missing in someone’s day to day life. To explore desires and sexual fantasies. Sometimes, it is simply to reach out and spend time with someone who is understands a need for human connection, seduction and intimacy.

I quickly discovered there are many misconceptions about companionships and there is no ‘one size fits all’ companion or client. That’s what makes it so exciting.

Being A Companion In Benidorm

Before the pandemic, which has altered life for many people, Benodorm was a vibrant and exciting place in which to be a companion.  It has an array of nightlife, restaurants, beautiful beach and historic hotels that have been the basis of many wonderful dates.

Many of my clients are familiar with Benidorm from previous business trips and so sometimes, playing the tourist was a wonderful experience that I sorely miss.

What Makes Me An Ideal Companion

I would say I’m quite warm, lighthearted, non-judgmental and curious about people. I enjoy listening to people’s stories and life experiences without labelling them.  This world attracts fascinating people and I adore finding out what makes people tick and why they studied the discipline they did, chose the career path they did…

Regarding intimacy, I consider experiencing pleasure, sexual exploration and having an open mind as vital to our happiness. I revel in relaxed, intimate GFE private encounters, though consider myself vanilla with a hint of spice.  ‘Never say never’ is a wonderful mantra to live by. Mutual respect, courtesy and communication allow this to happen. I make my clients, feel relaxed and be able to express how they feel and how they would like our time together to unfold. 

My Ideal Date & Dating Turn Offs

An ideal date would be spending time with someone interesting, courteous and respectful. Someone who has taken the time to discover me and my interests, (we all leave breadcrumbs!) and brings a small gift, even just chocolates or a book or a card, makes me feel special!  Unlike a relationship, and knowing that our encounter is temporary, I always feel it’s best to make it as wonderful and romantic as possible. 

I don’t have many turn offs and to be honest I haven’t had any terrible dates yet, (knock on wood) but I imagine someone who has bad manners, is rude to waiting staff or unhygienic would definitely turn me off.

Etiquette Rules To Follow

Just to be respectful, clean and courteous. Time is a precious commodity in life and when you have the chance to spend it with a beautiful woman in beautiful surroundings, treat it as a ‘real’ date and as such, talking about other providers is off limits.  It is, after all, a wonderful chance to escape for a while. 

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